Medical device battery packs and develops custom energy solutions for a broad spectrum of healthcare applications, from emergency to surgical to therapeutic and beyond. ETICA provides in-house design capabilities, full traceability, and intensive testing to ensure that our medical battery pack assemblies meet or exceed customer expectations and industry regulations.

Customized battery packs, either as their primary energy source or as backups,are designed to protect against power failure. ETICA Battery delivers the highest quality energy solutions for these medical devices.

Specification \ Model MTX01 MEL-280
Nominal Voltage 12.8V 9.6V
Voltage range 12~14.4V 7.5V~10.8V
Discharge current x x
Max. discharge current 12V/10A
Charge current 10A 17A
Charge Operating temp 0~45℃ 0~35℃
Discharge Operating temp -20~60℃ 0~35℃
Communication RS232 I2C
Dimensions 288*190*95.5mm 288*190*95.5
Weight 67g x