Rugged handheld & mobile electronic devices are growing in popularity, from portable data terminals to handheld POS. These devices require powerful, lightweight, and rugged solutions. ETICA is one of the most experienced battery design and manufacture for rugged handheld and mobile electronic devices for industrial applications.

For each customer's unique needs, ETICA's handheld products can be customized. Such as Standard function, gas gauge, protocol, scenario control, led or LCM monitor, etc., in order to bring customers the most suitable products.

Specification \ Model 1S1P:PMH02 2S4P:UQB02 3S1P:AL001 4S1P:RSD01
Nominal Voltage 3.8V 7.4V 10.8V 14.4V
Voltage range 3.8~2.8V 7.4~6.6V 10.8~8.25V 12.0~16.8V
Discharge current 1.6A 6.8A 3.5A 4.2A
Max. discharge current 3A 7.62A 4.5A 5.04A
Charge current 1.6A 4.4A 1.8A 4.2A
Charge Operating temp 0~45 0~45 0~45 0~45
Discharge Operating temp -20~60 -20~60 -20~60 -20~60
Dimensions 89*69.3*28.9mm 152*126*15mm 89*69.3*28.9mm TBD
Weight 67g 300g 210g 336g