ET48W Hybrid System

ET48W is a hybrid System .That can be used in household, commercial and industrial way.
ET48W intergrade PV inverter ,battery charger ,Battery and DC/AC converter device inside. It is a home ups Station and Solar energy converter system.


Catagory 2 module 3 module 4 module note
Configuration 15S2P = 30 pcs cell 15S3P = 45 pcs cell 15S4P = 60 pcs cell
Design Power x t 48Vx50AhX2 = 4.8kWh 7.2kWh 9.6kWh The Capacity of fully charge and discharge
Rated Power x t 48Vx45AhX2 = 4.3kWh 6.48kWh 8.6kWhh Designed for long cycle life.
Cell LiFePO4 50AH
Weight 62 Kg 93 Kg 124 Kg
Protocol RS485/CAN BUS
Voltage range 45~52V
status Standard model
Hybrid Inverter (6KW) Solar PV inverter (150V~350V)
Charger 50AH Max.
DC/AC 110V/220V
All in one solution